Nevis Yoga-Scuba Vacation – 2019 – Choose your own Dates

Amanda, founder of SoulScuba, is a Yoga/Meditation instructor who lives in paradise. She wants to invite you to her unique, tranquil little Caribbean island and treat you to week of wellness, personal development, and adventure! What do you say?

Nevis, the smaller, quieter sister island of St. Kitts, is only 36 square miles with a population of 11,000 people. With no cruise ship port and just the right amount of development, Nevis is the perfect little off the beaten track place to relax and dedicate some time to mind-body wellness.

Never heard of Nevis? That is not a bad thing. In fact, that is one of the things that makes this place so nice…not everyone has heard of it (yet), so it is still possible to have an authentic island experience without getting lost in the tourist traffic!

Nevis is not over-developed and commercialized like a lot of popular tourist destinations. Nevis is simple, rustic, and authentic, yet still provides upscale comfort, making it a perfect choice for people who like a balance of luxury and down to earth Caribbean vibes.

Nevis offers an ideal atmosphere for those who love nature. A dormant volcano and lush rainforest rest at the center of the island, while the outer edges are fringed with both white and black sand beaches, old sugar plantations, historical sights (such as the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton), cool beach bars, and some excellent swimming, snorkelling, and dive sites.

Spending some time with Mother Nature is essential for our physical and psychological health. The clean, cool, air of the rainforest offers cleansing and healing vibes
The ruins of Alexander Hamilton’s family sugar plantation. His birth home, a few miles away, has been turned into a museum and cafe
“Hey what’s up?” Both Green and Hawksbill turtles are a common sighting on St. Kitts and Nevis dive sites

In this ongoing retreat you choose which week you come and how much or how little you do. Whether you are travelling alone, or with your yoga buddies, Amanda will be your teacher and tour guide, making sure that you have a unique, down to earth, island experience with an equal balance of relaxation and adventure.

Group sizes are kept small (up to maximum 6 people) to allow for a laid-back, flexible, personalized experience.

Past participants have described the trip like “coming to see their good friend (sister, daughter…)” who meets you at the airport, gives you the low-down on the culture and customs, looks after you, gets you around to the worthwhile sights (not just the most marketed), provides you with a “back-door” local experience, and best of all, guides you through a daily yoga and meditation practice that inspires simple yet transformational concepts that can be taken home and integrated into daily life.

Read the trip report from a recent Nevis Yoga-Scuba Vacation

Every day will be a unique experience of Yoga and meditation offerings, focusing on Hatha yoga foundations and Vinyasa practice.

Amanda’s approach to Yoga is traditional and humble . With a foundation of mindfulness and conscious breathing we explore gentle, yet powerful exercises that aim to limber the body, improve breath control, relieve tension and pain, boost metabolism, detoxify the system, and strengthen the body-mind connection. Guided by fundamental concepts and techniques, Yogis of all levels are coaxed into a deeper state of awareness, where steadiness of body and stillness of mind can be achieved both on and off the mat.

The central theme of all of these offerings is mindfulness. You will be encouraged to let go of stress and worries and will receive frequent reminders to anchor yourself in the present moment.

When we are anchored in the present moment a heightened state of awareness occurs and everything that we do becomes more conscious, deliberate, vivid, and meaningful. With regular practice we learn to apply mindfulness to everything that we do…talking, walking, washing the dishes, brushing our teeth, driving a car. When we practice mindfulness we are more alert, more likely to see and hear the truth of what we witness, respond rationally to challenging situations, and derive a more simple, but intense satisfaction from what we encounter.

Amanda is very passionate about promoting a “yoga for all” approach. All practices will be adapted to suit the experience and fitness level of each participant. Classes will be held in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Class sizes are typically 6 people or less. Included in the trip price is a private Yoga consultation/session so that the needs and goals for your practice can be assessed and personalized.

There will also be opportunities to try some specialty classes such as SUP (Paddleboard) Yoga, Volcanic Hot Springs Yoga, and Laughter Yoga.

Amanda is also scuba diving instructor (PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer), and specializes in “Yoga for Divers” and how to integrate Yoga concepts and techniques into scuba diving to enhance relaxation, focus, air consumption, buoyancy, and overall enjoyment of the dive experience.

In addition to several 2-tank fun dives throughout the week, certified divers will participate in the PADI Yoga Diver Distinctive Specialty course.

Your host Amanda is the author of the original PADI Yoga Diver Course.

The objective of the Yoga Diver course is to introduce a fundamental understanding of the Yoga practice, from both a traditional and contemporary point of view, highlighting basic history, theory, components, and benefits of Yoga.
Through knowledge development (via Yoga Diver E-Learning), instructor-led discussion, land based practice, and open water dive training we then learn how to use these concepts and practices to enhance the scuba diving experience and, in general, to become more relaxed, focused, happier, healthier people both in and out of the water.

If you are not a certified diver, no problem! This retreat is also available for non-divers and those that wish to try diving or become a certified diver!

Have you ever thought of trying Scuba Diving but have been held back by apprehension and anxiety? Breath control, meditation, and other Yoga practices encourage relaxation, composure, and awareness, and can make taking those first breaths underwater a lot less intimidating.

Amanda specializes in making scuba a relaxed and comfortable experience for everyone, especially beginners and those challenged by anxiety.

In the one day Yoga-Scuba Experience, you will learn the basics about scuba equipment, safety guidlines, and how to integrate Yoga practices into your experience for enhanced relaxation, awareness, and sense of wonder with the underwater world.

Following practice of some fundamental Scuba Diving skills in shallow water, you will be invited to join Amanda on a safe, guided tour of a top-notch Caribbean dive site! Be aware, you might just get hooked on diving!

Often, this experience leads to a new passion that you never imagined. If you choose to continue the scuba adventure, Amanda can help you earn your PADI Open Water certification, your license to dive the world, in as little as 3-4 days.

If you already know that you want to become a certified diver, you can complete some of the course requirements at home, starting with PADI E-Learning, leaving you more chill time in Nevis!

Not interested in diving? No worries, there is plenty to do in Nevis without getting wet. In addition to the daily Yoga offerings, Amanda has plenty of other activities planned for you, such as sightseeing tours of both St. Kitts and Nevis and a rainforest/waterfall hike.

Brimstone Hill Fortress is one of the scenic, historic sights you will visit on your St. Kitts excursion

Amanda is always available to help you find things to do, whether it involves action and adventure, or relaxation and solitude.

For the adventurous, parasailing, jet-skiing, fly-boarding and other water sports are available
Massage and Spa services are available for those that prefer some relaxation and pampering

Trip Advisor’s Top 15 Things to do in Nevis

One unique offering of this trip that was a hit with past participants was a vegan Rastafarian “bbq” and beach bonfire. Amanda and her partner Derrick operate Taste of Fari -Ital Food and Rastacraft, a humble little beach shack on Pinneys Beach.

“Ital is vital”, so says the Rasta. Ital Food is clean and natural, full of power from Mother Nature. Cooked traditionally over coals in a clay Yabba, Ital is made with lentils, beans, fresh herbs/seasoning, and various local “provisions” (such as carrot, sweet potato, tania, dashie, eddos, pumpkin, green bananas, breadfruit), freshly grated coconut, and plenty of love, served in a calabash bowl with a coconut spoon.

Local “bush” tea is also served and Ras Derrick will also make some coconut oil over the fire and send you home with a sample!

If you love the Ital food, regular meals are available throughout the week, a healthy, inexpensive, and local option.

Pinneys Beach is the hang out on Nevis. With some cool little beach bars, a harmonious mix of locals and visitors, beautiful scenery, and a great setting for sunset meditation, you may find yourself hanging out here regularly.

Of course, remember…this is YOUR vacation. All itinerary offerings are optional! The great thing about this style of Yoga retreat is that there is no rigid schedule and plenty of space for flexibility and personalization.

If you like keeping busy, being on an organized schedule, and having someone making plans and decisions for you, then you got it! On the other hand, if it is solitude and independence you love, then that is possible too.

Accommodation is at Oualie Beach Resort, a tranquil beachfront property that captures the charming, idyllic, rustic beach life with all the comforts of home, like TV, A/C, and refrigerator.

View from Oualie Beach Resort

The cottage-style rooms are right on the beach, complete with a screened in patio where you can listen to the sea, the crickets, the geckos, and maybe even the clip-clop of a passing donkey during the tranquil evenings.

There is a restaurant, bar, dive shop, and yoga room on property, so you don’t have to travel far to get what you need.

Your daily breakfast is included at Oualie Beach Resort’s beachfront restaurant. Lunch and Dinner are also available and there are vegetarian and vegan options


(8 day/7 night Yoga Package. Prices are per person, based on Double Occupancy).

$1,495.00 Low-Season (May 15 – Dec. 15)

$1795.00 High Season (Dec. 15 – May 15)

Nevis is not a budget travel destination. However, Amanda has used her local experience and connections to get you the best prices possible for this unique itinerary of wellness and adventure.

Bring some friends, its cheaper! Discounts available for groups of 3-6 people.

What’s Included (all packages):

– 7 nights Beachfront Accommodation at Oualie Beach Resort, Nevis

– Daily Yoga and Meditation offerings, including some unique specialty classes (suitable for all levels), such as Beach Yoga, SUP (Paddleboard) Yoga, and Volcanic Hot Springs Yoga

– Private Yoga consultation/session.

– Personal vehicle and driver to get you around to activities and destinations

– Guided tour of Nevis

– Guided sightseeing excursion to St. Kitts (includes water crossing, private driver/tour guide, and admission to sights)

– Guided Rainforest hike and Waterfall meditation

– Daily Breakfast

– Lecture on “Mindfulness and healthy eating” followed by a complimentary Rastafarian “Ital” meal (vegan & gluten-free), serving of local “bush tea”, beach bonfire, and demonstration of making coconut oil over the fire (with samples!) compliments of Taste of Fari

– Airport and ferry transfers, transportation to and from scheduled activities

– Meet and greet at the airport

– Logistical and personal support all week from your host. Anything you need, just ask!

Please note: There are no discounts or refunds if you choose not to participate in any of the scheduled offerings.

Certified Diver Package:

Also includes:

– 6 boat dives with Amanda, your personal dive guide

– PADI Yoga Diver certification


(Double Occupancy)

$1,895.00 Low-Season (April 15 – Dec. 15)

$2295.00 High Season (Dec. 15 – April 15)

Learn to Dive Package:

Also includes:

– PADI Open Water certification (Required E-Learning is an additional cost)

– Rental Scuba equipment

-PADI Yoga Diver certification


(Double Occupancy)

$2,195.00 Low Season (April 15- Dec 15)

$2,495.00 High Season (Dec. 15 – April 15)

What’s Not Included:

– Round trip airfare to St. Kitts Basseterre Airport (SKB) or Nevis Airport (NEV)

– Daily Lunch and Dinner

– additional activities and transportation to non-group activities

– gratuities

Optional Add Ons:

Single Supplement:


Additional days:

(Accommodation, breakfast, Yoga) per day

$175 (per person) double, $275 single (high season)
$125 (per person) double, $225 single (low season)

Discover Yoga-Scuba Experience (for non-certified divers): $150

Booking Terms:

$500 US deposit due on reservation- refundable up to 30 days prior to arrival minus a $150 administrative charge

Full amount due 30 days prior to arrival

No refunds 30 days prior to arrival

Secure payments accepted online

Sound good? What are you waiting for?

Request to Book

Submit the booking request form and Amanda will get back to you shortly with availability and price confirmation.

Contact Amanda for questions and assistance


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