Slo-mo Vinyasa Flow – Yoga class for all levels – Pinneys Beach, Nevis

Get your day started right with some beach Yoga!

When an individual can find their own personal balance between effort and ease, even the most simple postures can be powerfully beneficial for both body and mind. When this balance is paired with conscious, deliberate movement, guided by the breath, a powerful state of awareness occurs. This is meditation, the foundation of our Yoga practice.

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term that means to “place in a special way”. In Yoga we are not “performing” postures, but “experiencing” them. Each movement is deliberate, mindful, and flows from one to the next guided by a conscious breath pattern. Vinayasa is meditation in motion.

Slowing down our movements challenges us to really take notice of each stage of this flow, and therefore to witness what is happening in our body, our breath, and our mind. When we force ourselves into slow motion, we can consciously seek out our tension, our weaknesses, even our discomfort, and then send the necessary attention we need to these areas. This is not just exercise. It is a profound mind-body experience and is a great way to relieve physical and psychological stress. Afterwards you may just like you just got a massage and spa treatment. Even if you are not on vacation, you will feel like it!

This multi-level class is suitable for beginners but also aims to challenge experienced practitioners. All fitness levels welcome. Please inform the instructor of any physical concerns you have so that she can suggest modifications and practices to avoid.

Wednesdays 9:00 a.m. Other times available by appointment

Bring a beach towel or era to sit/lie down on. A refreshing swim is always nice after Yoga so feel free to bring your swim wear!

Advance Sign-up required


Single class $10 US ($25 EC)

Multiple class discounts (valid for 6 weeks from purchase):

4 classes: $35 US ($90 EC)


+1 869-764-6651 (call, text, or Whatsapp)

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